Webster Technique

Are you or someone you know pregnant?  I would seriously recommend finding a chiropractor that is certified in this technique.  I am currently pregnant with our second child, and this pregnancy I have been adjusted with the Webster Technique compared to the typical side posture move that I had been adjusted with with our first child, and I can attest that there is an amazing difference between he two.   Not only do I feel more fluid in the pelvis, I just have this overall calming feeling after being adjusted.  There is honestly nothing like it!  I am currently 29 weeks and so far I have had no pain or discomfort what so ever.  So what is this technique all about?  The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and diversified adjustment of the sacrum that corrects or improves  the neuro-muscular imbalance in the pelvis thus increasing the potential for safer, easier births.  Adjusting the sacrum via Webster analysis and working with the round ligament throughout pregnancy may minimize aberrant uterine tension, potential fetal constraint and possible malposition at the time of delivery.  The Webster Technique was created over 30 years ago by a chiropractor named Dr. Larry Webster, DC.  Due to the empirical observations that pregnant woman under chiropractic care with breech fetal pregnancies were reporting correction of fetal position to vertex following the use of the Webster Technique, the Webster Technique was described in its early days as a “breech turning technique”.   The Webster Technique is a safe, gentle, effective technique used on all of the pregnant patients at our office.  I was certified in the technique in 2016.  Want to find a doctor near you that is certified?  Check out the ICPA website to find a chiropractor near you!

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