How to Boost your Immune System Naturally

Being that it is a pretty intense flu season this year, and instead of focusing on prevention people are talking about how to treat the flu, instead of how to keep your immune system at its prime and prevent yourself from catching it. The answer is to try and keep your body healthy instead of just staying inside and away from sick people. If there is one thing everyone knows, it is impossible to stay away from people who are sick unless you plan on staying inside these next couple of months. Therefore, I have compiled a list of things you can do to boost your own immune system naturally, which you will find below.

– whole food based multivitamin


– cod liver oil

– increase water intake (you should ultimately be drinking 1/2 of your body weight in ounces)

– decrease sugar and processed food intake

– elderberry syrup – you can make your own here!

– bone broth – you can learn how to make your own here

– apple cider vinegar (Braggs)

– vitamin d3 (1000 IUs/25 pounds…so for someone who is 125 pounds you should be taking 5000 IU’s a day)

– essential oils – thieves, Francensense, purification, lavender,

-arsenicum album, cold calm and other homeopathic remedies

– extra vitamin c – ascorbic acid (non-gmo) with manuka honey

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