Should you or your kids be taking a multivitamin?

There is only one answer here and that is YES.  Unfortunately, every year we are taking more and more from our soil and not putting enough back into the soil.   According to the Nutritional Security Institute (NSI), we are eroding the topsoil at a rate 10x faster than the rate of replenishment.  Today, the NSI estimates that the US and Canada agriculture soils had lost 85% of their mineral content.  So basically what this is telling us is that we are not getting the the same amount of  micronutrients from our fruits and vegetables like our grandparents did when they were younger.  For example, a study found in the Trace Element Medical Biology Journal in 2008 said that we would have to eat 8 oranges today to get the same amount of Vitamin A your grandparents got from a single orange!!!  So please, if you or your children are not on a multivitamin start taking one today so that you can support your effort at eating healthy!!  Additionally, a multivitamin does not take place of a healthy diet, you still have to eat well!  You want to look for a good quality multivitamin.  Please stay away from Centrum Vitamins or Flinstone Vitamins, there have been studies done on both where the vitamins don’t even dissolve in your system, instead they go right through the body and into the toilet!!! Plus Flinstone vitamins have also been known to add sugar to their vitamins to make them more appealing! The multivitamin we use is from Anabolic Labs, we use their essential nutrition pack, which includes the multi, omega 3’s, vitamin d3, and magnesium.  If you are interested in purchasing the same thing, we sell it at the Chiropractic Family Center.  Our daughter uses the Child Life Multi Vitamin and Mineral that we got from our local nutrition store down the block called Natures Nutrition.  We have been giving it to Harper ever since we stopped breast feeding, but I would recommend 6 months and on if your child is formula fed.  Otherwise, wait until you stop breastfeeding before you start giving your child a multivitamin because if you are taking one he or she is getting all the nutrients they need from your breast milk supply!

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