Natural Remedy for Productive Cough/ Decongestant

The following is a recipe that we use when we get congested, have a productive cough, and/or have a lot of mucus in our throats.  We at the Chiropractic Family Center have been recommending it to patients for over 38 years.  Dr. Jim Higgins learned of this natural remedy from Edgar Casey.  Everyone who has tried it only speaks highly of it as a natural decongestant/cough remover!


  • Juice of a whole lemon
  • White of an egg
  • Tablespoon of honey
  • 7 drops of pure glycerin

Whip ingredients together in a bowl.  Leave on the counter so that it stays at room temperature.  Cover with cellophane.  Take one tablespoon every hour you are awake.  Be sure to make new batch every day.

Most common question is where to buy glycerin.  You can find it at your local drug store (CVS, Walgreen’s) or at your local health food store (Nature’s Nutrition is the store we use)  You will just have to ask the pharmacist because they have it in the back.  You can also find it online, which is what we do.   You can click HERE to find it.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  DO NOT USE for children under the age of 2 due to Honey!!!

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